A Real Life Guide To Organizational Change by George Blair and Sandy Meadows

A guide to implementing a change programme in organizations, this book shows how to diagnose existing problems, construct appropriate plans, and deal with the politics. Various options are examined including TQM, empowerment, and re-engineering.


ISBN: 0566077116
ISBN-13: 9780566077111 



Winning at Change by George Blair and Sandy Meadows

This book is a do-it-yourself kit, which will show you how to survive change, and use it to advance your careera and make your company increasingly competitive.


With case studies from world leaders like IBM, Honda and Procter & Gamble, it will show you how to:

  • check your readiness for change
  • overcome your apprehensions and meet the challenge
  • acquire skills to make you more adaptable and succeed as a change winner
  • make change work for your and your team


ISBN13: 9780273615958
ISBN10: 0273615955


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