HR Information Systems, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda & Nepal

  • Advising on HRIS information requirements for operation, strategic and monitoring purposes - Zambian Central Board of Health
  • Evaluation of HRIS strengthening prgramme based on a qualitative sttudy - Uganda & Rwanda - Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health and IntraHealth for USAID
  • HRIS Assessment covering future data requirements for human resource planning, management and development in public sector; assess the extent to which current HRIS could meet this requirement; to recommend further work to support workforce planning and stakeholder engagement - Nepal -  Liverpool Associates in Tropical Health and Options for UKAID

Workforce supply strategy, Serbia & Bosnia

  • Conducted reseatch into workforce supply issues
  • Advised ministers on medical education
  • Presented plans on future supply and planning processes to Minister of Health, lead clinicials and managers
  • Advised Ministry of Health planners on workforce information

Hospital workforce planning, productivity improvement and re-organisation, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

  • Hospital Reorganisation and Workforce Plan to Support Expansion - reviewed entire staffing structure and skill mix to support transfer of staff and services to a new, larger hospital - Bahrain
  • Hospital workforce plan and productivity review - lowered costs by reducing the excessive numbers of ancillary staff; improved quality of care by  increasing nursing time by introducing ward clerks - Dallah Hospital, Saudi Arabia

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