Workforce planning

  • Workforce planning and productivity - North West London Hospitals
  • Supporting Foundation Trust Applications - South West London and St George's Mental Health Trust
  • Local Delivery Planning - facilitating the production of the plan for South West Essex, Essex WDC
  • Workforce and education commissioning plans for Nurses; Clinical Scientists; Dietitians; Occupational Therapists; Pharmacists; Physiotherapists; Podiatrists; Speech and Language Therapists

Care group specific

  • Linking staffing and training to Mental health services - North East London WDC
  • Learning Disability workforce baseline mapping - North East London WDC
  • Cardiac Physiology outline workforce strategy - North West London WDC
  • Facilitating the production of a workforce plan - Basildon Cardiac Centre, Essex WDC

New ways of working and workforce modernisation

  • Junior Doctors hours options review - Southend NHS Trust
  • Paediatric Intensive Care: strategy for introducing new roles and improving staff retention - North West London WDC
  • Review of Cardiac Processes and new roles - Birmingham & The Black Country WDC

Training and development

  • NHS Workforce Planning portal - provision of toolkit - Department of Health
  • Training in the use of HR Toolking for Trusts - Birmingham and the Black Country SHRINE
  • Evaluated training needs of Trust Workforce Planners - North West
  • Coached and mentored Directors of Human Resources

Primary and community care

  • Medical workforce startegy and recruitment plan - Westway PCG
  • Nursing workforce strategy - Westway PCG
  • District Nursing workforce strategy - Uttlesford PCT
  • National review of School Nursing workforce - Department of Health

Workforce solutions

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