Our Approach to Productivity

We ensure that our approach is sensitive to your needs.  We use a variety of approaches starting with Appreciative Enquiry.  This invites staff to explain what they have already achieved and then asks them how they could achieve more. This would include what are the barriers to achieving this and how they could be overcome.  Even if your organisation needs to make major productivity improvements, there are probably a few teams that have done well.  By identifiying them and their work is a powerful incentive for others to follow.  This also wins the trust.


We work with your managers, finance and HR to identify performance benchmarks and explore whether others might be a useful addition. These are then compared with similar organisations. We then get staff to own productivity improvement by engaging them in monitoring their own peformance and displaying the results in chart form where they work.  


We then work with staff on redesigning how they work so improve services for customers and end users.  Unnecessary steps and delays are eliminated. We clarify who is responsibility for a particular process and associated performance measures. We also redesign jobs to ensure that they attract and retain staff and also support career development.

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