Workforce planning and productivity for your business

As a highly experienced consultancy, Shared Solutions Consulting Ltd offers the following services:

Workforce planning

Our expertise means that we are highly effective in engaging key stakeholders, which enables plans to be implemented successfuly.  We can undertake a workforce plan for the whole organisation or focus on a few areas, through Risk Base Workforce Planning.  This identifies the workforce risks, such as a key staff that the organisation is at risk from losing through attrition or retirement.  The next step is to develop a supply strategy, which may point to a new source of recruitment or redesigning jobs to provide a better career structure, to develop less experienced staff. 


Improving productivity

We undertaken a hearts and minds exercise, by both engaging staff and using benchmarking comparisons and brainstorming to improve working process and outcomes. 


Implementing lean thinking

We involve customers in questioning existing processes and highlighting their unmet needs.  This is highly effective approach encourages staff to explore new approaches that add value to customers as well as to the bottom line.  We have a wide range of tools and techniques elicit staff ideas and to manage the process so that resources are focused on where they offer the greatest benefit.

Additional services

  • undertaking training needs assessments
  • evaluating HR information systems
  • running training programmes in workforce planning and productivity
  • coaching HR Directors in workforce planning and development

Workforce solutions

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